Saturday, January 06, 2007

Possible interview(s)

We have been in contact with the media coordinator at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital regarding the possibility of doing one or more interviews with the local media here in MN regarding what we went through last year with our twin sons. We have always been willing to help get the word out about TTFS and the wonderful care that we received at the Fetal Care Center at CCHMC in Cincinnati.

Reading the pitch letter that was sent to me for my comments, was like taking a step back in time. I had tears in my eyes reading the letter and reliving some of the emotions a year later. It was at this time last year we found out about the necessity to go to Cincinnati for treatment and now holding my son Joseph, makes me even more thankful that he is here, alive, and doing well, considering everything that all of us went through during that process. It also makes me appreciate the medical professionals who were ultimately used of God to help save Joseph's life and the attempt that they made to save Jonathan's life as well.

We will see what happens once the pitch letter is sent to the media and the responses.


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